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**NEW** Kennebunkport Cottage Deluxe

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Nothing says quality quite like the beautiful mixture of pine and hardwood.

We have taken our beautiful Kennebunkport Cottage and updated it to a Deluxe format. What makes a Deluxe? In this case, Red Birch Hardwood accents. The result? Nothing short of incredible. The hardwood roof compliments the warm golden hue of pine making for an aesthetically pleasing wooden dollhouse that doesn't stop short of a woodworking masterpiece. 

The Deluxe line has enabled us to offer color on our products, something we have long wished for, by taking advantage of the wood's natural vibrant tones.


We are very pleased to bring out our newest handcrafted wooden dollhouse. It is our largest natural dollhouse and features 8 spacious rooms that allow for easy play within each room.

This dollhouse was inspired very much by our love of the state of Maine and the beautiful coastline in Kennebunkport where Elves and Angels actually originated, as it was there that owner David Smalley first met his beautiful wife of 51 years.  

There are many such elegant homes along the fascinating streets of Kennebunkport and overlooking the picturesque Atlantic ocean surrounding that seaport town, and they are generally referred to as "cottages" (though it is hard to imagine such stately mansions going by that name.)

With three enormous floors your child will never be at a loss for possibilities when setting up this stately home.  The first floor has 4 movable divider/partitions so that your child can determine exactly how they would like the rooms to be arranged.  (Please note the dollhouse is shown without the partitions to showcase how spacious the floors are. To see an image with the partitions please click here

The second floor is 3 bedrooms divided by beautiful arches. A nursery, child's bedroom, and perhaps a den?

The third floor is the master bedroom suite, with a spacious bedroom and adjoining sitting room. 

Our Kennebunkport Cottage Premium (select from the dropdown to add balconies) boasts two of the charming balconies that characterize those coastal homes, complete with a Lighthouse themed railing. Your child's doll family will love gazing out across the ocean or enjoying a cup of early morning coffee from their private deck.   

The dollhouse is shown with the two balconies to showcase the added beauty and extra play value that this addition creates. 

Our newest design offers hours of open ended play that sets the stage for great individual or group play. The graceful curves invite your child to step into a make believe world all their own.

This Natural Wooden Toy Dollhouse is proudly Made in America.

Perfect for children ages 3-12


Height 33"

Width   17"

Length  35"  

MATERIALS - Northern White Pine with a Red Birch hardwood roof a natural Danish oil finish .

 All Pine Products Ship within 1-3 business days.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery on Hardwood products. 

















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