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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ever offer Sales, Discount Codes, Black Friday Deals Etc?


No. We sell our product for the lowest price we possibly can 365 days a year and offer Free Shipping.  Shipping is often over $50.00 per box so we feel that that is a pretty good discount. We feel that if you can afford to put your product on sale, offer discounts etc, you must be getting too much money for it.



Do all the knobs turn on the Elves and Angels kitchens?


Yes! All knobs and the faucet turn.



 Is a sink bowl included with the kitchens?


 Of course! All kitchens come with a metal sink bowl.



What kind of wood do you use?


We use native, locally harvested white pine, or red  birch.  We also use Completely GREEN, CARB 2 Compliant, Baltic Birch plywood as the backing for wooden kitchens. No Formaldehyde glues! This is a very expensive wood, (more so than pine) and we do not use this to cut corners. We use it as it is the only wood that does not swell and contract with the change in temperature making it possible for the customer to easily assemble the kitchen. It creates the perfect finishing touch to your heirloom quality wooden kitchen.



How is the wood finished?


A non-toxic Danish Beeswax Oil is sprayed on the wood to protect it. This is a completely natural, safe, food grade oil that is used to finish wooden bowls and cutting boards. 



 What about shipping?


If you live in the Continental United States shipping is Free on orders over $125!  Please refer to the shipping chart for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.  If you live somewhere else in the world please contact us for more information.



 When will I receive my order?


Your order will be shipped one to two business days after we receive it.  Our products are shipped out of Maine.  Transit times vary depending on your location and can take 1-6 business days.

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