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The Story of Elves & Angels


Who We Are….
Elves and Angels Inc. was created back in the summer of 1988 by the husband and wife team of David and Susan Smalley.
As parents of Eight children at the time, they had been making toys for their own family for close to twenty years.
David is a 4th Generation Cabinetmaker, and creativity runs deep in his mind, and in his soul.
A highly gifted and talented woodworker, his designs and products are second to none.
Susan was a Mother and Homemaker, and Home Educator, and our lives were consumed with the Love for, and the care of Children.
Susan has her own artistic gifts, and she helped in the design process of many Elves and Angels products.
                                     The Smalley Family in 1992                   
After seeing what was available in the Toy industry, we wanted to create something Beautiful, Classic, and Durable that could stand up to years of play, and still be able to be saved and given to the next generation.
  From early on, our philosophy of beauty, quality craftsmanship and a lifetime guarantee, was always in place. Now 35 years later we still hold true to our original ideas, and Elves and Angels has become top in the field of American made, Heirloom Quality, Wooden Toys for children.

 Our products are Carefully created, Beautifully designed, and Perfectly finished, so anyone can assemble them easily with just a screw driver.  (We have seen a video of our grandsons assembling a kitchen for their younger brother.)

Our Online Assembly videos, by David Smalley take you Step by Step to building yourself a perfect Kitchen, Dollhouse, Playstand or Stable in just a few minutes.

Elves and Angels is a Family Business in the truest sense of the word. For 35 years we have Always worked Together to give you and your child, The BEST Quality Toys available anywhere.

    Julianna and Christina Smalley 1992.
Julianna and Christina Smalley in 1992


John Smalley unloading boxes 2022        


                 David and Susan Smalley                   


Seraphima Smalley Sanding             
          David Smalley in the New Elves and Angels workshop August 2022                                
A Quote from our Elves and Angels catalog back in 1992...

“It is a commitment of our family to offer our customers, the very best products and services available anywhere. Shopping for our own family, we realize how difficult it is to find worthwhile gifts for children.  We hope we have helped.  Our children today are surrounded by a disposable society.  Buy it today; throw it away two weeks later.  I think this attitude shows children, at a very young age, that no one really cares; that things are of no value, and they’re made to be discarded.

In creating our products, we keep foremost in mind, that a product should nurture in a child a sense of beauty, and they should perceive that care went into the making of it. As a young boy, I spent many hours in my Grandfather’s cabinet shop watching him create beautiful pieces of furniture by hand, with the utmost care.  In his shop there was such a wonderful feeling !  As I look back on this I feel sorrow.  There are so few places today that our children can see that kind of care being taken.  It is this kind of caring, that inspires others to care for what they do.  With this in mind, we offer you our products and services.  It is our hope that your children will pass our products on to their children, and keep alive that sense of caring that is rapidly being lost today.  We hope these products represent to children, a respect for childhood, an appreciation for beauty, and the love of a job well done.”

As you can see we have held true to our promise to make and sell only the Best Wooden Toys for children, and to have the best customer service available anywhere. 

Elves and Angels... The American Toy Company making Childhood Dreams come true since 1988!


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