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Please read before placing your order!

Elves and Angels suffered a devastating fire on June 8, 2022.  Due to our very remote rural location, we were unable to find a Company that would insure us after the fire we had back in 2004.

 We have lost our entire Elves and Angels Workshop, a year's worth of inventory, all of our Machinery, tools and patterns, and at the same time, we lost our Family home and everything in it. We had lived there for almost 30 years.

Fortunately, Elves and Angels has a solid 34 year Sales history in the Marketplace, a Superior reputation for excellence in Quality Products , and the best Customer service.

We have secured a loan to replace what we've lost, and we are presently working on a space to begin setting up our New Workshop when the machinery arrives.  These items are scheduled to arrive within the next 3 weeks.  It is our intention to be back in production in early August, and we hope to be shipping later the same month.

We currently have a list of All Customers who have placed their Orders, and we will begin fulfilling them in the order in which they have been received.  Given the fact that we are starting over with NO inventory, please remember that the SOONER you place your order... the  SOONER you will receive it.

We will be posting weekly photos of our progress on the New ELVES AND ANGELS Workshop, and updates as the NEW shop begins running and creating more beautiful toys for children.We thank you for your patience and support.


David and Susan Smalley,and The Elves and Angels Team.

Go-Fund-Me for the Smalley Family

-Photo of Head Elf David Smalley hard at work at renovating the new shop on his 72'nd birthday

Fire destroys Elves & Angels and family home.

In the early morning of June 8th, Elves and Angels suffered a devastating fire that destroyed not only their business, but also the family home where David and Susan had lived and raised their 12 children since the early 1990's. Sadly, because of their remote location in northern Maine and a previous fire on 2004, they had been denied coverage and have no insurance on either their home or family business. 

A fundraiser has been set up to help the Smalley family get back on their feet and hopefully rebuild. 

 Go-Fund-Me for the Smalley Family

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to sort things out. Thank you for all of your support. 

Toys for a Lifetime

  For over 30 years, David Smalley, the Head Elf at Elves & Angels, has been committed to offering heirloom quality toys that will last through generations.

  Each of our Elves & Angels products are designed by David and his wife, Susan, and manufactured at our farm in northern Maine.

  Through the years each of the 11 Smalley children have had a hand in the family business. Many have grown up and moved away and the patter of little feet is now that of grandchildren. But, the commitment to excellence is still the same. You will still find our Head Elf building toys in the workshop and taking calls from customers.

   Discover the difference that creative, natural toys make to your child’s development.

  Our products mean you won’t have to wonder how much mileage a toy will get before it breaks. All products made by Elves & Angels come with a Lifetime Guarantee!