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Hardwood Kitchens

We offer all of our kitchens in your choice of light or dark hardwood. The Dark hardwood is a rich Dark reddish color with some lighter highlights. The Light hardwood is very light in color with an occasional variation into darker wood.  Dark is much harder to come by as it is very rare and only a certain amount of it is milled per year, so if you prefer the Dark color, please order early to insure that the supply is not exhausted.

Is there a difference between the two woods? Other than color, no. Both woods are made from Birch hardwood, cut and milled right here in Maine. The Light is the regular wood of the tree and Dark is the inner, very center part or the "Heartwood".

Hardwood is virtually indestructible and will not dent or scratch easily as more softer woods will. It is the highest premium you can possible find in a wooden kitchen. It is expensive, but worth every penny. 

Hardwood is a very good choice for schools; Day Cares, Libraries, and Children's Centers as well as the parent looking for the very highest quality item they can find for their child. 

The color of the wood naturally varies from light to dark. We have no control over this and it is considered by all to add to the natural beauty of each individual piece. 

Hardwood is generally not in stock and is custom made to fill each order. We always allow 1-3 weeks for delivery on each hardwood item.  However this is not always the case and sometimes we have some kitchens in inventory, packed and ready for shipment. If you have a birthday or other important date and need it by a certain deadline please contact us and we will try our very best to see that your order makes it on time. 


Please Note;

Allow 1-3 Weeks for Delivery on all Hardwood products.

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