The Story of Elves & Angels


     Elves and Angels had its humble beginnings in a tiny workshop in Scarborough Maine.  It was out of necessity that I began making the first kitchens, cribs and highchairs over 24 years ago.  My remodeling business was at a standstill, and I had eight children to feed.

          It was a family venture from the beginning and it was always my vision that it would become the fabric of our life, a way in which we could work as a unit with a common family purpose.

     Being a fourth generation cabinetmaker, I was most inspired by my grandfather, Frank H. Smalley, who had a true love of woodworking and an exceptional gift for creating beauty with wood.  As a young boy, I spent many hours in his workshop, watching in awe of the care he put into everything he did.   It was his vision of beauty and love of a job well done that inspired me deep down inside.

     Back in the eighties, when Elves and Angels was born, this deep inspiration resurfaced in me.  I had become disillusioned and fed up with the “disposable society”, that had been built up all around us.  The mentality had been sold to all of us; “buy it today and throw it away tomorrow.”  I decided right then and there, that this would not be the case with Elves and Angels.   My decision holds true today, as it did 24 years ago.  I was then, and am today, determined to create the very highest quality wooden toys available anywhere.

     We have always tried our best to create aesthetically pleasing products that will inspire in children a love of beauty.  We are committed to making a durable, quality product that reflects a love of a job well done, which is so important for a child to perceive.  If we want our children to care, then it’s our responsibility to show them first of all, that we take care in all that we do in life.

      As we embark upon this, our 24th year in business, I have many memories of our family working together, and sharing their gifts with all of you.  Many of our children now have children of their own.  This afternoon I had two young grandchildren here in the shop with me.  They went from place to place, picking up shapes of wood, always asking, “What is this Grampie?”, already formulating in their young minds, what they could make from thier piece of wood.

      As I look back over the past quarter of a century,  I am pleased and thankful.  I am happy that through this family business, joy, truth and beauty has been imparted to thousands of children all over the world.

      I personally want to thank all of our customers over the years, both retail and wholesale.  It has been our joy to serve you, and give you the best that we could. 

      Our family of 12 children has many wonderful memories of serving in this venture, as well as sad ones, like the fire of 2004, but through it all we have struggled together, as a family, and Elves and Angels has been our life.

      I have truly enjoyed being the “Head Elf”.  I love the creative process and bringing into being, the vision of a new product I see in my mind and offering it to you and your child.  My commitment to quality stands.  Elves and Angels products have been, and always will be, “Heirloom Quality Toys.”   You have my promise to you our  respected customer.



David Smalley

Elves and Angels Inc.












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