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Wooden Toy Birch Tree with Peacocks

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Birch Tree and two Handpainted Peacocks Set. Each Peacock is wonderfully crafted, hand carved and painted with exquisite detail. Select color of peacocks from drop down.

Create a magical woodland habitat for your wooden animals. This graceful birch is a beautiful addition to any woodland set up.

Solid pine, wooden toy Birch tree, Exquisitely hand painted using Milk Paint with amazing attention to detail. Milk paint is 100% natural made from all natural, non toxic, child safe ingredients and the choice for conscientious parents and manufacturers.
Each tree is carefully and lovingly handcrafted, painted and finished with a hand rubbed Vitamin E and Beeswax oil finish.

Adding trees to your wooden animal collections greatly increases play value. Children will play for hours in their imaginary "forests" and of course all animals appreciate the shade of spreading branches. :)
Add one, or several to your collection and watch how your child's active mind begins to race with new possibilities for set ups and games. Also wonderful for storytelling!

Each tree stands alone either on carpet or wood floor.

12" H x 9" W.

Includes 1 Birch Tree and 2 Peacocks.

Wooden Peacocks Made in the Republic of Georgia by Good Deed.

Size: 12" H x 9" W.

Exceptional quality; Solid Wood, Non Toxic, Made in the USA, Detail like you will not find anywhere else.

10 BBB Customer Reviews