Good Maine Eggs

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New Best Seller! Everyone loves wooden eggs. There is just something about the smooth, shiny wood feel that makes you want to handle them again and again. Wooden eggs are a great addition to any play kitchen, or play room.

They are used for egg decorating craft projects, and often placed in the hen house to encourage egg laying. A little background.....  Wood eggs have a long history. They were first used to seed a nest. This trick has been used for generations among farmers worldwide. Because the eggs are the same size and weight of a large chicken egg, farmers place the wooden eggs under a lazy chicken and the chicken begins to lay eggs. Chickens aren't laying? Place a wood egg in a nest to encourage your hens to lay. Perfectly rounded on both ends - just like the real thing!


Your child will love cooking up Sunday breakfast with our Good Maine Eggs!


One half-dozen brown wood eggs in a egg carton made from recycled paper pulp. Unfinished.


Material: Birch

  Made In: Maine 

Dimensions:  2-1/2" Tall x 1-3/4" Diam.

Good Maine Eggs-Elves & Angels
Good Maine Eggs-Elves & Angels
Good Maine Eggs-Elves & Angels

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