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Doctor's Bag

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Call the Doctor! Dolly's Sick!  

This delightful child's doctor bag is sure to spark their imagination and result in many hours of happy playtime.  Made exclusively for Elves and Angels in a cotton medical themed fabric and lined in red cotton, it has four pockets inside and two pockets outside, a very secure and durable soft, padded, adjustable strap that runs the entire width of the bag including underneath for added support and a durable shape.  It has a flat top with a full-width front hook and loop closure.
This sturdy Doctor's Bag has everything your little Doctor needs to have their patients well on their way to recovery.  
What you will find in the Doctor's bag:
Most important....
A real working stethoscope, just like the doctor uses....and it's Blue.
A 'Doctor's Office' embroidered examination pad.  
An examination gown that ties in the front or back.
A 'cool pack' to put on where ever the 'hurt' is.
A  flashlight to help see what might be wrong.
Two pill boxes...one for giggles and the other for smiles containing Mike and Ikes and Good and Plenty candies (Mom we intentionally used square and round containers so there will be no 'association' with real pill bottles. Please Note: If you personally would not give your child Mike and Ikes, please feel free to discard them. Some parents would. We feel it is the parents decisions and would like to allow YOU to determine what is best for your child. No one knows that any better than you.)
8 neon' band aids
3 three cotton balls for swabbing skinned knees

The bag itself is quilted from fun "Doctor Print". Never in our history of toy buying have we seen anything like the quality of this adorable bag. A sweet little Grandma in Florida crafts each and every one with the care, love, and attention to detail she would give if it were a toy for her own grandchild. Made in the USA is never to be underestimated and it was never more true than with these bags. The contrast and coordinating print of the inside and mat is so eye catching your child won't be able to resist grabbing this and heading right off to begin work!

Each bag has a handy adjustable buckle so you can adjust each one to fit your little Doctor.

These are Limited Edition Toys and only a certain number of them will be produced per year so if you feel like your child would like one for a birthday or Christmas please do not hesitate. They sell out VERY fast!

 The dimensions are 11"wide X 8" high X 5" deep

Please Note: Lining fabric can vary.

Doll not included.


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