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Cow Breakfast Board

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What child wouldn't want to eat their snack off of this cute little cow?

In Germany children are often served a breakfast consisting of a soft pretzel,  cheese and some fruit. We love the idea but prefer to think of ours as Snack Boards and not just Breakfast Boards. We know that not all children eat a German breakfast,  but most children do have a snack once or twice a day, and more and more parents are trying to move away from the packaged snack foods and overly sugary treats.  Instead of the same old ordinary plate, why not serve their snack on our Wooden Snack Boards?

Children love the animal shapes and the sight of some raisins; an apple, berries, nuts and maybe some cheese, tastefully arranged on one of our adorable themed Snack Boards is enough to tempt even your most fussy young eater. 

With a wide array of different animals shapes you are sure to easily find something for everyone. 

A different twist to the German's Breakfast Board! The Snack Board also makes a wonderful cutting board for your child's play kitchen. Or even for Mommy's!

Each Tray is incredibly unique. No two trays are alike. Each one is crafted using different grained birch hardwoods and goes a long way towards teaching a child an appreciation for the natural beauty of real wood.  

Shown finished using our natural Danish oil finish. Please select from the dropdown if you prefer unfinished.

Made in: Maine

Material: Birch Hardwood.

SIZE: Cow;  Head to tail measures 11 1/2". Horns to Hoof 8".  Back to Hoof 6 1/2".

Includes; 1 Cow Snack Board. Save when you buy a set of three!

As with all wooden utensils, this board will benefit from a good oiling with food grade oil occasionally. Coconut, Danish Oil, Butcher Block Conditioner etc. 



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