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Elves and Angels Lifetime Care Kit

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Elves and Angels Lifetime Care Kit includes everything necessary to keep your beautiful wooden product looking it's very best from the moment you purchase it until the moment you hand it down to your grandchildren. 

Every wooden piece is improved by at least an annual reapplying of our beautiful  non toxic beeswax and Linseed Oil Finish. Wood tends to dry out over time and a new coat of finish can recondition it and bring your lovely wooden piece to life again in a matter of moments! A little goes a long way so this pint will last you a long while. 

And lets face it, things happen, and this handy kit will insure that when they do, you are ready! Let's say that you watch your child as well as any parent does, but then one day while your back is turned for just a split second, the little darling grabs a permanent marker or crayon and scribbles all over the Play Kitchen or Dollhouse. Suddenly your beautiful $200 - $500 wooden toy that used to be the object of everyone's admiration is a scribbling nightmare.  You are heart broken.   But don't despair! Grab you Elves and Angels Care Kit and with a little elbow grease and our handy wood furniture maintenance tools your beautiful heirloom piece will be looking like new in moments. 



1 Pint of Linseed Oil and Beeswax Finish

1 Extra Fine Steel Wool Pad

1 Extra Fine Scrubbie

1 Extra Fine Sandpaper

1 Lint Free Cotton Cloth

Includes Care and "Rescue" Instructions. 

10 BBB Customer Reviews