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Natural Rainbow Ring Stacker

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This educational stacking toy teaches hand/eye coordination, color recognition, and counting. Twenty-one choke-safe wooden rings fit easily over wooden pegs. Made of locally-harvested alder and finished with food grade mineral oil and non-toxic paints. Ages: 1 - 4 years. Base is approx. 3 inches x 14 inches. Handcrafted in Oregon, USA.

About the manufacturer: 

Papa Don’s Toys: This family owned business has been crafting quality toys in the coastal mountains of Oregon for more than three decades. They choose woods that are known for their durability and beauty. The edges are carefully rounded to a smooth finish for your little one’s sensitive hands. All paints and oils are non-toxic, and the wood is non-splintering. A healthy alternative to plastic – Papa Don’s Toys are safe, sturdy, and will be treasured for many lifetimes.

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