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Georgian Wooden Animals

Georgian Wooden Animals are by far the finest wooden animals available on the market today. Each wooden animal is carefully hand carved and then painted by hand. The details on the wooden figures will amaze you.  They are durable and unbreakable. Even a young child can enjoy the beauty of these incredible toys. They are very chunky and fit well into a child's chubby hand. 

A note about the animals. The wooden animals are not "to scale" so to speak with each other. This is done to prevent small chickens and such from becoming a choking hazard. As a result the birds; cats, dogs and other smaller animals are fairly good sized. A child however is not cumbered with our "realistic"point of view and will not be troubled by such trivial matters. 

We do not recommend wooden animals to children under 3 unless they are fully supervised by adults.  A teething baby or a toddler who still likes to chew could possibly bite off a horn or a tail on a wooden toy and choke. 

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