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6 room Dollhouse Furniture Set

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Introducing the NEW Elves and Angels Dollhouse Furniture Set,  the perfect addition to any one of our beautiful dollhouses. Made here in Maine, by Elves and Angels.

After years of searching for high quality Dollhouse Furniture that would compliment the exquisite dollhouses we have offered for nearly 35 years, we decided that there simply aren't any options for quality dollhouse furniture, and definitely nothing Made in the USA.

 For a time we made do with cheap imports from places like Thailand. Not because we wanted to, but because we felt it was important for you, our customer, to be able to purchase your dollhouse furniture, from the same company you were buying the Dollhouse from.

    But this year we knew it was time! 
Time to say goodbye to inferior quality imports that get stuck in shipping chains, and remain back ordered for months and even years. 
Time to say hello to amazing American Made Quality, and our Lifetime Guarantee. Because let's face it, when you purchase an heirloom quality Dollhouse that will likely be in your family for generations, you don't want it full of cheaply made, overseas furniture.  What you want is something that will match your beautiful wooden dollhouse in style, and durability.
 And this is what we are offering you. 
We couldn't be any more excited to bring you the ONLY full set of Dollhouse Furniture Completely Made in America by none other than, the American Toy Company, Elves and Angels!
This beautiful 6 Room Furniture Set is made of a mixture of Northern White Pine and Cherry Hardwood, creating the signature “deluxe” look that our kitchens have become known for. 
 Due to its sturdy construction this furniture will be enjoyed by children of all ages. 
The carefully engraved details such as real burners on the stove top, or the tiny drainboard next to the sink, create limitless possibilities for young imaginations.  
A Master Bedroom with double bed, two nightstands and a dresser, a Living Room with sofa, two easy chairs, and beautiful pedestal end tables, A Dining Room with a pedestal table, four sturdy chairs and a hutch, A Kitchen Set with refrigerator, stove, sink and cabinets, A Child's Bedroom with twin bed, dresser and nightstand, and A Nursery Set with Toddler bed/crib, nightstand, dresser and a real rocking chair.
 Our stunning High Quality Set includes everything you need to set up housekeeping in style.
We consider our set unbreakable and back it by our 34 year Lifetime Guarantee!
10 BBB Customer Reviews