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Dolly Diaper Bag

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This lovely hand quilted Doll Diaper Bag is like a virtual treasure chest for a little Mommy.

Includes everything a little mother needs to successfully care for baby all through those important early years.

Inside the bag you will find a quilted changing mat; a rubber duckie for bath time, a real working baby bottle, a small spoon, a bib for feeding time, a doll diaper, wipes, a baby food container, and an embroidered burp cloth. 

Your baby will be the best cared for baby in town. 

The bag itself is quilted from beautiful  Flower Fairy Print. Never in our history of toy buying have we seen anything like the quality of this adorable bag. A sweet little Grandma in Florida crafts each and every one with the care, love, and attention to detail she would give if it were a toy for her own grandchild. Made in the USA is never to be underestimated and it was never more true than with these bags. The details, pockets, compartments etc are so lovely your little girl will be in Mommy heaven. Did I mention the comfortable, adjustable, padded strap?  Possibly the best toy you will ever buy for your doll lover. 

Each bag has a handy adjustable buckle so you can adjust each one to fit your little mother.

There is a very limited number of these special bags available so please do not hesitate if you want it for Christmas.


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