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Natural hard maple helps us create another amazingly durable child's easel, right here in our Minnesota woodshop!  This easel is held open by braces that lock in place. This solid A-frame design is tough for even the most "creative" children to push over, while unlocking the braces allows an adult to fold the easel at any point. The large 24" x 24" art surfaces are available in White Markerboard, Green Chalkboard or Washable Magnet Board. 47-1/2" high; 18 lbs. Paper rolls are sold separately with a hanger (this allows a roll of paper to be hung in the middle of the easel). Adult Assembly Required. 

Recommended Age:  2+ years


Please Note: This is a dropship item and ships from the supplier.  Please allow 2-3 days for shipment. 
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 Can the Magnet Board also be used as an art surface? The magnet board is designed primarily for use with magnets.  It is also washable and can be used with "high quality" dry-erase markers like the Dixon markers we sell (we recommend attention to cleaning regularly and diligently, as it is not as reliable as a markerboard as our standard dry-erase markerboard surface).  The magnet board is double-sided (thus can be flipped over). 


Some pros/cons of the two tray options (red vs. wood):  The red tray has a sharp look, can be cleaned/washed out with water, and is an inch taller than the wood tray.  The wood tray has an all-natural look and is sturdier (it would take a hammer to break it as opposed to the more "flexible" plastic).  You would not want to get the wood tray wet, so drawings on the trays need to be sanded off or simply enjoyed!  Most people like the character and patina of a wood tray over time, almost making the easel itself a piece of art. :) 

Hope this helps in your decision!  Please, let us know if you have any further questions. 

We hope you enjoy your Beka easel!  We appreciate your business!


Don't forget paper, chalk, or markers!!!

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