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Cherry Tree Accent Kitchens

The Cherry Tree Line puts into effect our new theory of a Halfway to Hardwood kitchen line. A unique line of kitchens featuring a beautiful blend of Northern White pine and Cherry Hardwood. Or more importantly, Hardwood where it matters.

The cooktop/countertop that receives the brunt of the action in your little one's cooking fun is made from solid Cherry as well as all three doors and the backsplash scroll. That means the places where the banging and knocking take places are protected by hardwood construction which will not show wear and tear like it's softer pine counterpart.

The combination of the Light and Dark wood creates a masterpiece effect that is pleasing to the eye and compliments any style of home decor. As with all our toys, adding an Elves and Angels product to your home creates an instant conversation piece and nowhere is that truer than with our Cherry Tree Accent line.
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